Fun outdoor activities in Weymouth


Get up and go explore the wonderful outdoors of Weymouth with your family and have a great time!

With a  wide range of activities available and fantastic places to explore, Weymouth’s great outdoors will make your holiday even more special! And if initially, you are finding it hard to think about things to do, putting together an itinerary is a great idea if you want to fit in as much as possible.

Have you planned your holidays yet?

Weymouth is the ideal place if you’re a fan of nature, ocean and breathtaking sunsets that you can admire every evening.

Start your morning fresh with a lovely bike ride along the popular Tour de Manche cycle route and admire the beautiful scenery all around from Poole to  Weymouth. If you’ve not brought your own bike, don’t worry, there are plenty of bike hire shops to turn to.

Continue with Weymouth’s historic and creative side in the afternoon and don’t miss the wonderful sandman sculptures at the Sandworld. Learn about the artists that created them and be sure to look for the hidden sand dragons as you may even win a lovely surprise if you manage to find all of them.

If you’re travelling with your children, a perfect end to your afternoon activities would be to try out a fun, family friendly adventure by the sea and go crabbing on the quay!

Finish the day off with a picnic and drinks on the beach! Prepare yourself with a tasty selection of culinary delights and drinks locally sourced from Weymouth’s markets and put a perfect end to the night whilst admiring a beautiful sunset with your family.

Let your imagination free and experience Weymouth’s best outdoor activities!

Whether you’re taking a bus trip to Portland and try the town’s popular cream tea at the lobster pot, you go fishing onboard of a chartered boat, you walk around the historic harbour or choose to admire the sunset from the harbour wall, Weymouth has plenty and more to offer!

Would you like to find out more about the special attractions you shouldn’t miss whilst in Weymouth? We have an entire blog dedicated to it. Click here (link to Top 5 tourist attractions in Weymouth) and loose yourself in Weymouth’s beautiful wildlife, history and nature.

Enjoy fun outdoor activities every day and have a great stay by the sea at the Windsor Hotel!

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